So You Want To Be Heard?

Launching a targeted radio advertising campaign is an immediate way to reach your listening audience. How many times have you had a radio jingle stuck endlessly in your head? Yep, we can do that.

Traditional Radio

Radio ads are an effective, low-cost medium through which a business can reach a target consumer. Radio creates emotional reactions in listeners and, in turn, consumers perceive your advert as being more relevant to them personally. This leads to increased market awareness, sales and service uptakes – anyone from school children to financial directors could be humming the name of your brand.

Radio Airtime Media are your guiding agency to decipher the confusing world of radio advertising. We promise to work in a new and unique way, independently recommending only the best stations, programmes, sponsorship and advertising opportunities to meet your brief. RAM offers the best costs by utilising our agency power to achieve discounted rates – our aim is to provide clients with the very best methods of using radio advertising as a standalone opportunity or multi-format campaign.

Radio Online/Digital

Internet radio is the fastest-growing medium of today, allowing you to add visual aid to your radio campaign. We believe the future for radio is to continue to provide a multi-platform consumer experience, and Radio Airtime Media aims to deliver excellent advertising to consumers whilst listening to online radio.

An increasing number of people are abandoning their old radios and listening to their favourite stations via the internet: 16.9 million adults in Britain now say that they have listened to the radio online, according to the latest survey from Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar). Online personalised jukeboxes, such as, Spotify or MyClassicfm, have millions of fans listening to free music which is funded by advertising spots. The medium will continue to grow as consumers switch from listening at laptops to their mobile or smart phone, or tablet device whilst on the move.

Digital platforms offer a new level of flexibility that deepen the relationship between audience and advertisers through ad-funded programming, advertising and sponsorship, whilst delivering quality targeted listeners who visit particular online stations depending on their lifestyle or mood. Don’t forget that advertising on online radio also allows you to target an international audience!

There are over 300 stations nationally that could hold your advertising on their airwaves, but which one targets your audience demographic? Contact us for further information