Online TV

So You Want To Be Streamed?

48% of the U.K. population have used the Internet to watch or download TV shows or movies.

With the advent of digital television, advertisers can revel in the advantages posed by online marketing. Not only can you see your product in action, you can also click on it and get taken to your own website, where consumers can find a little shopping trolley icon that will activate a purchasing connection.

More of the viewing public are choosing to stream their favourite programmes or watch live television through the internet and catch up sites, offering advertisers the perfect opportunity for sponsorship or advertising slots targeting specific audience demographics. TV Advertising Media represent Media Agency Group across the television sector, working to minimise the wastage of time and advertising space.

The digital advancement on traditional TV advertising enables local, regional and national targeting; it gives you the potential to offer promotions, vouchers and competitions; it grants international access; it generates site traffic; and businesses can also provide more detailed product information.

Consumers’ overall TV experience is being enriched. For instance, we weren’t previously able to watch TV out of the home very conveniently; and now we can with thanks to mobile technology. If you have an online business, then running a digital TV advertising campaign is an extremely effective way of communicating with your customers and directing them to your website.

The team at TV Advertising Media will guide you from start to finish – from creating the advert, website selection and advertising results.